MAY '22 / #002

We all have epic ideas. They’re either fleeting moments that happen at the most random times or thoughts that stick with us over days, weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes they disappear within as much time as it took to create them, or they just sit there… waiting to come to fruition. Unfortunately, as creators, we’re not given the luxury to wait for an idea to fall from the ether. And we don’t have a choice but to realize the concept promptly. We’re being paid to execute, and the idea must be worth its value. Money is time and time is invaluable. So how do we get there?

We call it discovery. A fancy name for research. Let's be honest. The wheel has yet to be invented twice. There’s a book titled “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon that goes in-depth on how to get inspired, the right way. You can find books on how to study. Same thing. Study how to study more effectively. Get inspired on how to become inspired more evocatively. We've honed in and fine-tuned our skills to discover what works, what might not work, and how to take what others have done, twist it, and turn it into something 40% unique and 60% proven. Riffin’ on that ratio.

For example, you’re working on a hotel. They ask for a logo. You tell them they need signage, business collateral, a website, social media assets, wallpaper, numbers on the elevator, a reception desk, and a handwritten letter on the nightstand for every guest who's lucky enough to get a room. It’s not a logo, it’s a brand. Logos won’t take you very far ( they’re all starting to look the fucking same anyway. Won’t get into that. Just thumb through the instagram. ) So we set out for discovery. Research I mean. Before the pencil hits the paper, we need to know what we’re leaning into. Let’s go visit hotels! Let’s see what others are doing and what resonates. Some things might work for them and not for us. Vice versa. But the point is to gather many microscopic ah-ha moments that merge into something brand new. Something that speaks to the client and their vision, because everything should feel and be personal, and something that speaks to the client or customer… relatable but holistically rip-roaring ( searched the powerthesaurus for a synonym = exciting ).

Carve time away to build a foundation for your idea and I guarantee it’ll take an ounce of your time to fully realize and become satisfied with the outcome. Notice that I said “satisfied" and it has nothing to do with perfection. Maybe another newsletter.

Discovery could mean reading magazines, watching old films, visiting a record store and thumbing through vinyl, taking a walk, talking to an old friend or mentor, going on a trip somewhere you’ve never been, or simply jotting down keywords or statements that revolve around your idea. Putting in a little work to flesh out your thoughts will undoubtedly spawn images and ideas that ultimately will feel like… they’re just falling from the ether.

You know what… you’ll also sound like a goddamn scholar if you can somehow have a comprehensive conversation about your process, your findings, and how you cozily arrived at a single conclusion. With clarity.

Tangent Warning: That being said, I hate showing 3 logos. I know it’s the industry norm and I succumb to it. But if I hire a tree fort pro to build me a killer tree fort. I want one killer tree fort. I don’t want their time cut in thirds to make me three half-ass tree forts that I need to choose from because I just paid him a ton of money and I want the best tree fort on the block. And I don’t want my kids to fall out. So there’s time to be spent on engineering, getting the right materials, and maybe some tree studies? I don’t know. Now I’m pretty sure I want a tree fort.

Anyway. Do your homework and come to the table with an idea that doesn’t need to be seen or questioned. If you can prove that you’ve put in the time, they’ll be happy they don’t have to.

Every few months I buy plane ticket and go somewhere new to help kick my brain into gear. This month I went to Portland with my good buddy Brian from Three Sixty. We work on a ton of projects together and we've crossed the globe in search of interior design, architecture, typography, menu design, whatever gives us the chills and sends us home inspired and ready to start fires. Here's a very microscopic glimpse into what we saw and some of the cool places we visited. If you've never been to Portland... it's a pretty groovy place for eye candy. The food was also exceptional. Spared no expense.

YOU WIN!!! Performs in the Woods Room.
Limited capacity showcase
Doors at 5:30PM // Show: 6PM – 7PM
Ticket holders receive one free T-Shirt. Refreshments included. All proceeds go to the band.

Open to the public from 7-9PM // Featuring live jazz by Heirloom 7-9PM

A Room of One's Own:
By: Virginia Woolf
Designer's Dont Read:
By: Austin Howe
Radio Rental:
Creepy stuff. Beware.
Indie Film Hustle:
Only for the film geeks.
Eyes Without a Face The French Dispatch
( Let us know if you need Scott's Criterion Collection login )
Happen To Me Benee
Love Taker Alex Alexander
Heat Waves Glass Animals
Easy Troye Sivan
Booster Seat Spacey Jane
Amoeba Clairo
DopamineAlex Alexander
ManiacConan Gray
SundressGet to Know You
No FakerSo Unimportant
My HouseElderbrook
Day By DayFiji Blue
Fire For YouCannons
Keep Me YoungCool Kicks
PassionRAC, Louis The Child
Imaginary Friends Japanese Wallpaper
Your LoveGlass Animals
PrideNoah Kahan
When I'm With YouSodapop
Thirty EightThe Ivy
Falling Asleep At The WheelHolly Humberstone
Too LateWashed Out
Bill and Ane Ohm came to Rev Pop to help facilitate the branding, art direction, interior graphics, and website design for their tasting room in Hartfold, Wisconin. We couldn't be happier to show off the final product. Check them out!