Scott Starr

Principle, Creative Director

Scott lives and works in Bay View, Wisconsin. He’s a music lover, taco nosher, wanna-be world traveler. He enjoys exercising his eyes as a designer by day and drinking tequila in the backyard in the evenings. Scott is a multitasker and monomaniacal about his book collection. You’ll often find him at the bowling alley, at the park with his kids, or thrifting for weird and obscure objects at the local antique shop.

Pete Driscoll

Production Artist, Print Maker

Pete is a muralist, print guy, and producer of tangible wares. He pursues creativity through the wee small hours as a painter, sculptor, special effects artist, silicone mask maker, stage designer, musician, and ghost hunter. Pete knows the owls are not what they seem.

Kelsey Lawler

Copy Writer, Content Creator

Kelsey is a copywriter, Francophile, and self-appointed birthday treats-bringer. She’s usually hungry—for lunch, globetrotting, and the arts. On weekends, Kelsey is an amateur theater critic, casual blogger & baker, snail mail sender, and nap taker. Yes, she identifies as both a Hufflepuff and a Taurus. But no, you can’t put her in a box.

Blythe Ely

Designer, Art Director

Blythe is a Floridian and retired derby girl. Though Jacksonville is home, Blythe’s heart belongs to Wisconsin. It’s the cheese. Blythe gets stoked on designing, plotting interiors, polishing off tubs of Utz cheese balls, and cracking up her coworkers (somebody get this girl a stage!). Fun Fact: Blythe’s first name is actually Frances.

Sam Sieger

Designer, Art Director

“Cool Guy” Sam is an illustrator who wears a lot of hats. No really, knit hats are his lewk. He’s also never met a signature cocktail that he didn’t blindly order. Sam brings the rhythm section to local 8bit punk duo Awkward Terrible. A testament to his vast taste in music, Sam will go to bat for Ariana Grande any day of the week. When we say, “Sam!” he says, “That’s me!”

Zane Johnson

Accounts Executive

Zane is a good-natured naturalist with a love of science and understanding how things work. If one of his coworkers has a dying houseplant, they know they can count on Plant Doctor Zane for an overly-technical diagnosis. Zane approaches life with positivity and is always up for a challenge. He also tells a wicked dad joke.

Sydney Michuda

Designer, Art Director

Sydney is a designer, letterer, and illustrator with a love of branding and art direction that teeters on obsession (healthy, we think). Syd lives for falling down creative rabbit holes that make her lose all track of time. While she’s never far from her Adobe Suite, Sydney balances work with well-crafted cocktails, true crime podcasts, and dining out as much as financially possible.

Jumana Al-Juma

Project Manager, Social Media Strategist

Jumana is our six-degrees-of-separation to anyone in Milwaukee. She’s a professional people person and manages to keep our studio equal parts energized and organized. Jumana is also a self-proclaimed expert at drinking margaritas and will always be there for you when you can’t finish your charcuterie board. Critics agree she is “exceptionally interesting! 4 out of 5 stars!”

Bailey Fiste

Designer, Photographer

Bailey is an avid drummer, coffee fiend, and record freak. When he and his camera aren’t chasing light for Rev Pop, you can find him crate-digging at the local record store for the latest in indie rock, editing photos at a local coffee shop (again with the coffee!), or prepping to play a gig. Bailey’s the kinda guy you can count on.

Mike Horick

Print Manager. Music Production, Spiritual Advisor

Wisconsin born. Studies audiophilia, tact, and badassery. Performer. Traveler. Prefers Scotch. Loves the 80’s. A voice of reason. Believes in less, but better.

Nate Panetti

Designer, Animator

Nate is a graphic designer who nerds out over video games, hip-hop, and drawing monsters on restaurant napkins. To him, nothing beats the thrill of seeing dogs in public. He may not plot to steal them, but he will plot to pet the heck out of them.