Off The Grid

Curated Words & Pictures By Scott Starr
September 14, 2019

When one of your own has what can only be described as a sweet hook-up to a slice of luxury on the coast of Puerto Rico, you don’t question the universe. You book nine plane tickets to San Juan. Get out of the office. Get some fresh air and perspective. So Rev Pop headed south in February 2019. From our unreal vista in the town of Fajardo, we ideated, ruminated, got a little intoxicated. What can we say? Tequila brings out our best notions. If you’re going to think big picture and plan for the future, why not do it poolside, drink in hand? We put our heads together, and out came blueprints for the website you see before you. Turns out, a change of scenery did this personal project of ours a whole heap of good.

Naturally, we did take breaks from storming our brains. It’s Puerto Rico—gotta get out in it. We feasted on smoky barbecue, fresh red snapper (eyeballs and all), sangria slushees blended with danger, and plates of roadside mofongo and yucca. One moonless night, we kayaked through the mangroves to the bioluminescent Laguna Grande, where microscopic algae get glowing whenever a nosy tourist disturbs their waters. Like fireflies beneath our oars, we stirred up real-life magic.

We hit the beach on blue-sky afternoons. A few slathered themselves in SPF 50 and sprawled on the sand. Others channeled merfolk and another combed the shore for treasure. One manned the drone. A small contingent followed an earthen path through the jungle, past colonies of neon-red insects and burnt-orange butterflies, to the otherworldly Playa Colora. Did you know some jungle trees have smooth bark to discourage parasitic climbing vines? Our resident botanist taught us that.

Our resident Floridian, on the other hand, taught us a pool game called Categories. The meme would go something like this: “Florida Woman Teaches 8 Grown Adults How To Swim Quietly.” If you care to snag the rules, send us an owl at Subject line: “Florida gets me juiced!”

In short, Puerto Rico won our hearts that week. More than plotting the future, framing up a website, and stockpiling Vitamin D, our time there was about the good things that happen to creativity and camaraderie when the whole office goes off the grid.

Written By: Kelsey Lawler